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Reliability Services

IMS : Integrated Maintenance Solutions
An IMS contract brings together all areas of expertise by SKF, establishing a continuous process of maintenance analysis and improvements. Each IMS agreement / contract is customized to specific business needs.
AEO : Asset Efficiency Optimization
AEO is work management process, designed to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness from work management activities focused on business goals for your facility, including production, environment and safety. Though AEO asset efficiency is optimized - not mindlessly targeted.
PRM : Proactive Reliability Maintenance
SKF RS defines PRM as a living dynamic process that addresses failures and implements the actions necessary to prevent their recurrence. 
PdM : Predictive Maintenance
PdM is an integral part of a total plant improvement program, configured to eliminate factors that limit plant effectiveness. PdM's are just not to anticipate breakdowns and schedule corrective maintenance task.
Dynamic Analysis
Vibration Analysis


IMS : Integrated Maintenance Solutions,AEO : Asset Efficiency Optimization,PRM : Proactive Reliability Maintenance,PdM : Predictive Maintenance



We can depute our SKF’s Service Engineer to attend problems regarding inspection of the complaints within 3 / 4 days notice.  


Root cause failure analysis

The reports of RCFA can be organised through M/s SKF.  

Mounting / Dismounting

We are in position to offer Mounting / Dismounting services with help of SKF recommended maintenance products which are available in house.


Other Services
We are authourised to accept following services as CMP

1. Condition Monitoring Services.
2. Unbalance in a rotor.
3. Misalignment of mating parts.
4. Looseness of rotating and stationary parts.
5. Bearing defects and Gear defects.
6. Rubbing of rotating parts with stationary parts.
7. Electrical defects of motor such as rotor bar     defects / dynamic eccentricity.
8. Defective belt drives.

All SKF make instruments for above, available in house.



1. 24 hours service for immediate delivery available for     customers having firm ARC.

2. Bearing Bank can be offered to customers having     requirement of bearings above Rs. 50.00 Lakhs per annum.

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